The Story

JoJo & flo is the inspiration of two of the country's eminent hairdressers, Joanna & Florie Yerou. The sisters began their careers and mastered the art of hair at the most prestigious and world renowned salon, John Frieda in Mayfair.

During their decade at John Frieda, where they started their apprenticeship before qualifying as two of John Frieda's most valuable stylists, they often worked with hollywood movie stars such as Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman on sets such as 'Eyes Wide Shut', top models such as Yasmine Lebon, and were often instructed to work on fashion shows such as London Fashion week, for designers Alexander McQueen, Calvin Klein and Valentino, amongst others.

As successful as the sisters were at John Frieda, the pair had greater ambitions. Joanna and Florie wanted to bring Mayfair to North London and give people an opportunity to experience outstanding, professional hairdressing, without needing to be  a Hollywood star or fashion model.

Before putting their name and reputation on the line, they shrewdly decided to test the waters by opening a test salon in London N13, Profile London. The purpose of the test was to find out whether people in North London are as passionate about great hair as they are in the West End, an essential ingredient for the project to work. Since the opening of Profile London, it appears that people of all ages in and around N13 have as much desire for great hair and professional service as anyone else, are image conscious and are now capable of identifying and distinguishing the good hairdressers from the bad.

Demand and understanding of great hair being apparent, Joanna and Florie are ready to fully commit their name and bring Mayfair to North London, to create the best hair in a professional, courteous and friendly environment.

Hence laying to rest Profile London and the birth of JoJo & flo.